Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cat Scratch on Yellow

“Different shades for different folks” is more than just an expression in this threesome, where the color yellow takes on different expressions dependent on its presentation.

Pastel on Paper
  • Pastel Drawing.  Pastels can express rage as much as innocence and do so in this image.  Expressions: A tsunami about to pummel a sand dune; a dead branch left by a sick, algae pond; rays from a sun; a tree waving in a passing hurricane; and flow, simply flow.
    Lake Alfred, Florida

  • Gradual Blend. “Red skies at night” is a common theme in modern photography but when emanating from a yellow base, it forms a scheme that is less fiery than red, yet more developed.  A yellow blend is the background of this entire image, most of the foreground of which is sharp.  Expressions:  autumnal equinox; state fairs; and romantic friendship-based love.
Davenport, Florida

  • Sharp Contrast. Halloween’s almost upon us.  With this said, it’s fascinating to note the sharpness of autumn images.  Cats, for example, don’t “scratch” during Easter—when you’ll see them expressed as round balls of cuteness—but when it’s about harvest time?  Sharp can put the spook into any image, if done with a witch’s brew.  Expressions: Lurking killer; full moon; controlled chaos; and taboo fun.  All that expression; all just one image. 

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  1. Hi George, I have a question. Did you paint the drawings or photographed them or both?


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