Monday, August 26, 2013

Inside My Head

The Seizure

The Tree of Pain.  2011.
Watercolor and acrylics on paper.
My eyes were tight with surreal images flipping through them, sliding realities merged each with the next memory. A laborious pain of pressure filled my lungs and I could no longer breathe.  I heaved instead and exhaled shallowly and with a force I'd never used before.  

With that force, I turned on my stomach and held onto the bars of my bed.  I held on tight but was transported, like through a fiber optic line.  Then I could hear I had screamed, blowing through billions of neurons, inside my head.  

My head wills itself to feel without my consent.  It tracks itself easy into anger and hurling towards camps of loneliness inside myself, inside my bed, keeping quiet on the outside so as she'd not hear me suffering.  

For minutes on end, like the ebbs and flows within a dendrite tree, I dwell on the billions of images racing through my head, all with the same synapse, instantly dismissing my existence, as though I was never here.  I wail.

Then I relax as I wake. Reality stops overwhelming me for now.  I lie exhausted, mostly inside my head.

# # #

The artwork entitled The Tree of Pain is reminiscent of Edvard Munch's The Scream of Nature With a macabre view of the world via dramatic colorations, impulses can be felt any place where life has just been.

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