Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Better than Stock

Art Photos

Stock photography doesn't have to mean a stocky look.  In fact, the best stock photos are of the same of quality and content as high art.  It shows feeling, anger or excitement, like the photo below, Fire Tops the Grass.  It can also evoke a sense of serenity in its audience, such as what might happen if you put a poster of the the Fish Hatchery, below, in an office waiting area.

Auburndale, FL, 
Fish Hatchery. 
Swamped Lilies.  Mackay
Park, Lake Alfred. 2012.
Fire Tops the Grass.  Mackay
Park, Lake Alfred  2012.

GDG III Photos sells high resolution, stock photos for use on book covers, added on sidelines or headers for web sites, mags and newspapers, or, in poster form, for your own private, home collection of photo art.

Call George D. Gordon, III, at 813-900-0950 for more information.

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